Cobby Body Kee Ka Boo;  KiKi

      04-06-2004  –  19-07-2012

Multi Ch. Ol’kyarnrowens Passe Partout x
Multi Ch. Cobby Body Honey & Apple Crumble

KiKi was in 2005 reserve Beste Teef in de Openklas (20) op de Clubmatch van de NCTC én

reserve Beste Teef op de KCM van de NCTC ’07

Zij is Nederlands-, Internationaal-, Belgisch-, Duits VDH & KFT en Luxemburgs Kampioen

Ze werd 6BIG Leeuwarden ’08 en op de KCM van de NCTC werd zij Clubwinnaar 2008

In Dortmund (D) werd KiKi Europa Siegerin 2008



To have the courage and not to grieve

For the dog I loved and found hard to leave

We enjoyed each other as man and friend

But alas she has travelled on to journey’s end


And in that happy hunting ground

With other friends I am sure she’s found

As she snuggles in the sand

I hope she still feels the warmth of my hand


So I must let her rest in peace

I know that the mourning must now cease

And remember the happy days we spent

You were a gift from above and only lent


Perhaps when we stop being hurt…..